Intimate immensity and Lagerstätten ” is an installation, which investigates the difficult and enduring task of capturing the depth of the human soul.

The project portrays the complexity of the being and its representations in specific philosophical and psychoanalytical analysis. It will also builds its conceptual and formal existence on the archeological and topographical rhetoric used by C.G. Jung in Contributions to Analytical Psychology and Philosopher Gaston Bachelard in Poetics of Space. The installation and performance will also evoke the conflict between the two psychic forces, the conscious and its fragile rationality opposed to the archaic and more intuitive unconscious. In “Intimate immensity and Lagerstätten” the being is portrayed as a physical place, a site, a geo-archeological landscape.

Looking in, the viewer enters a large gridded ground, which follows the tradition of archeological research. In the center stands a massive rectangular block made of dozen of strata (H75xL65xDW32”) alluding compact and multilayered monoliths. Each Layer has a different thickness, color and medium (Plaster, Wood, Wax, Foam and Resin).  Through a 2-3 days performance, I will thoroughly without any esthetical goals dig and break the central piece, unleashing hundreds of raw fragments, features and artifacts retained in the stratified central piece.  Now, viewers look at a large gridded space randomly covered with hundreds of fragments of resin, plaster, wood and wax. Among the debris, the viewer will also be able to identify objects unleashed by the performance, as they recall a specific aspect of Identity.  In the center still stands the dramatically eroded layered block